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3 Days Private Round Trip Starting From Tangier

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  • Local Guide
  • Private Group
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  • Parc Perdicaris
  • Cap Spartel
  • Activities with camels
  • Hercules Caves
  • The Medina & the Kasbah of Tangier
  • Sultan’s Palace
  • Petit Socco
  • Grand Socco
  • The Great Mosque
  • The American Legation
  • Medina of Asilah
  • Krikia
  • Raissouli palace
  • Asilah’s street arts
  • Bab Homar
  • Plaza Primo
  • Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Victoria
  • Edifício Fénix
  • Feddan square
  • The Medina & the Kasbah of Tetouan
  • The Mellah (the Jewish quarter)
  • Tarrafin alley
  • Bab Okla
  • The Medina & the Kasbah of Chefchaouen
  • Hawta square
  • Ras El Maa
  • The Great Mosque
  • Outa El Hammam main square
  • Boujaafar Mosque

In Brief

Go sightseeing in northern Morocco starting from Tangier with its magical Medina. Be impressed by its mythic Hercules Caves, enjoy your time during a memorable Camel Ride, and take full advantage of the breathtaking views from Cap Spartel, the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
The next day, Visit Asilah and be inspired by its ever-changing street arts then be overwhelmed by the charming Medina of Tétouan. On the third day, ascent the Rif Mountains and take in the flamboyant Chefchaouen before heading back to Tangier for the final drop-off.


  • Arabic
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German


  • Pick-up & drop-off
  • Wi-Fi on-board
  • All entrance fees
  • Private professional guides
  • Local guide in each city
  • Private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Camel ride cost
  • Parking & Highway fees
  • Child seat(1)


  • Food & drinks(2)
  • Accommodations(3)
(1) Please advise at the time of booking.
(2) Our agents will suggest the most authentic Moroccan restaurants to you.
(3) 1 night in Tangier and 1 night in Chefchaouen.

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In Details

Tour of Tangier

Tangier (ancient Tingis) was the capital of "Roman Morocco" or Mauritania Tingitana, and it’s at the same time the meeting point of a lot of different things: The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Africa and Europe, Orient and the Occident, and the three Abrahamic religions. It is this unique blend among other features that have made of Tangier the magical city we know today and that we would like you to explore with us during this private tour of 6-7 hours.

You’ll be taken on a fully customizable tour of two parts. One part consists of an excursion to the breathtaking Atlantic coast of Tangier which itinerary includes the lighthouse of Cap Spartel, a camel ride (or just photos), Hercules cave, and Parc Perdicaris.

The other part of the tour is spent entirely within the historical walls of the Medina, the old town of Tangier. The enjoyment begins when you stroll down the labyrinth of the Medina with your professional local guide and get close to the friendly locals and their lifestyles, culinary, costumes, rituals, and traditions. Furthermore, you'll be heartily guided through the historical heritage and the architecture of this one-of-a-kind city. The Medina circuit comprises the Kasbah (fortress), the old Sultan’s Palace, Bab Bhar terrace, Petit Socco, Grand Socco, Great Mosque, the American Legation, and also places like communal ovens, craftsmen, the vegetables market, the cheeses market, and the spices market.

Upon request, we can add to the itinerary Moïse Nahon synagogue, any Jewish cemetery in Tangier, St. Andrew's Anglican Church, as well as any art gallery you would like to visit.

While on tour, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to have a delightful Moroccan lunch. Based on your preferences, the most authentic Tanjawi restaurants will be recommended to you. In addition, if you choose to take the coastal excursion first in the morning, you may have your breakfast in Cap Spartel while appreciating the view.

The drop-off after this tour will be at your accommodation in Tangier for the trip's 1st night.

On the second day, you'll have a tour of Asilah in the morning and a tour of Tetouan in the afternoon. The drop-off will be at your accommodation in Chefchaouen.

Tour of Asilah

Asilah’s history dates back to 1500 B.C. with the Phoenicians as a trade base. A major turnout in the city’s history was when it was conquered by the Portuguese and turned to a fortified town during the 15th century. It was that two hundred years of Portuguese rule that formed Asilah to the shape it is today. Their legacy is particularly visible in the Medina’s fully intact ramparts, towers, gates, and houses. The Spanish also ruled Asilah during intermittent periods of time, and while the town has developed a uniquely Moroccan feel since the independence, it hasn’t yet entirely shaken its mainly Portuguese flavor with this slight Spanish touch.

The Medina of Asilah opened its arms to the world after a major restoration undertaken during the late 70s. It is also introduced to the international art community through the Asilah’s Art Festival held annually (July/August) since 1978. And although Asilah is an Atlantic coastal city, its feel is Mediterranean for sure, known for its blue doors and windows, and also whitewashed walls. During the festival days, the walls are used, as canvases for the imagination of the most creative international artists. Consequently, Asilah is now best known as an open gallery for different kinds of street arts. If we add Asilah’s charm, romance, tranquility, and inner peace, that ensures a steady stream of photo-hungry travelers all year long.

Asilah offers a cocktail of restaurants where you can have your lunch after or during the tour. Contemporary or traditional, Moroccan or occidental cuisines, our agent will be happy to help you find the best for you.

After a drive of 1h30min, you'll start your tour of La Paloma Blanca.

Tour of Tétouan

The first settlements in Tétouan’s area date back to the 3rd century BC. Tamuda, nearby Tétouan, has long been a trade center for Phoenicians and then Romans. As for the Medina of Tétouan (old town), it was first built to be a Kasbah (fortress) by the Marinids late 13th century. It served as a base for their raids on Ceuta; this led to the destruction of the castle by the Castilians early 15th century. The Marinids named the place Afrag, but a former small fortification in place had been called Tittawin.

Not long after its destruction, Andalusian fleeing from the Spanish Reconquista, Muslims and Jews, rebuilt Tétouan from its ruins. The city went through a steady period of growth in various fields and became a center for the reception of Andalusian civilization. The still-operating innovative Skoundo water distribution system had a clear impact on various socio-economic levels of the city and certainly played a major role in its prosperity. Granadian refugees never forgot Granada. They always linked Tétouan to Granada and labeled it as Granada's daughter; some families still keep keys belonging to their old homes in their city of origin.

The Medina is heavily influenced by Andalusian architecture. Tétouan’s amazing tilework is unique in its kind and was a reason among many others that the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. Tétouan is also famed for its fine craftsmanship and musical delicacy and has been part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the area of Crafts and Folk Art since 2017.

Tétouan’s cultural heritage is the product of the interaction between different cultural influences throughout the centuries. It is mainly characterized by its Andalusian style and way of living, but Amazigh, Algerian, Jewish, and colonial Spanish influences are present too.

Tétouan is 1h30min drive from Asilah. Once there in la Paloma Blanca, as it’s nicknamed, you’ll start your tour with your assigned local guide from place Moulay El Mehdi or Plaza Primo as the locals still call it. In fact, the place was formerly known as Plaza Primo de Rivera and it was the heart of Tétouan’s extension outside the walls of the Medina during the colonial era.

After sightseeing the nearby cathedral, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Victoria, you’ll continue your way through the cobbled Mohamed V Avenue, passing by the Spanish consulate and the Edifício Fénix, until you reach place Feddan where the royal palace is located. You’ll then enter the Medina through Bab Rouah gate. Within Tetouan’s Medina unique network of shaded alleyways, you will go through the Mellah (the Jewish quarter) which once was called Little Jerusalem, then the old fish market, the Kasbah, Tarrafin alley, Bab Okla gate, multiple Souks and squares, the Great Mosque, and many other key monuments of the city.

Upon request and within opening hours of the places, the tour could include visits to places like Issac Ben Walid Synagogue, Centro de Arte Moderno de Tetuan, Dár Tetuán 1880, Dar El Oddi, Dar Senaa, the ethnographic museum, the archaeological Museum, and Tétouan’s tanneries.

After a 1h30min drive from Tétouan, the drop-off will be at your accommodation in Chefchaouen for the trip's 2nd night.

Tour of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen was founded in the late 15th century as a Kasbah (fortress) to fight the Portuguese invasion of northern Morocco. Many local tribes, Moriscos as well as Jews settled there. Arriving Jewish exiles painted their houses blue to reflect their divinity — a tradition that continued over the centuries. It wasn’t until recently that the blue shades spread out of the Jewish quarter (the Mellah) to the other parts of the Medina (the old town) making it the "Blue Pearl" we know today.

Chaouen, as it’s called locally, has become one of the world’s top picturesque destinations. Its Medina is a real charmer! Prepare yourself to fall hard for its winding small alleys painted in every shade of blue you could imagine. If you are an Instagrammer, then you are in heaven! Your guide, as a local, knows all the hidden photo spots. You are not going to miss any of them.

By strolling down the Medina’s labyrinthine alleyways, you will immediately absorb the Berber, Moorish, and Andalusian vibes. The itinerary comprises the most important landmarks of the city such as the Kasbah and its Museum, Hawta square, Ras El Maa, the Great Mosque, the bustling Outa El Hammam main square, and most of the arcs and Babs (gates).

If you happen to be in Chefchaouen on a Monday or a Thursday, that would be a big plus because they are market days, therefore, you’ll definitely be taken to visit the Souq. During these days the farmers of the neighboring Rif valley come down to the streets of the Medina to sell their products. These can vary from fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts and mountain herbs.

After a break for a delicious Chaouni lunch, your tour guide will escort you to the Spanish Mosque, or Boujaafar Mosque, to take in the wonderful view over Chefchaouen from an outside terrace and that will be the end of your tour of Chefchaouen.

And so, this will be the end of your 3 days trip in northern Morocco. After a 2h20min drive, the final drop-off will be wherever you like in Tangier.


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Bravo! from TripAdvisor

Brandon K

Apr, 17, 2019

Excellent trip!!! We strongly recommend it to everybody.

Excellent trip!!! We strongly recommend it to everybody.


Lisa Reguilón

Mar, 13, 2019

No me sorprende la calidad del servicio. Utilicé el servicio Latif Tours hace mucho tiempo. Esta vez traje a mi familia e hice un viaje más largo y no me arrepiento. ... more

No me sorprende la calidad del servicio. Utilicé el servicio Latif Tours hace mucho tiempo. Esta vez traje a mi familia e hice un viaje más largo y no me arrepiento. ¡Gracias!


Amanda Campbell

Feb, 04, 2019

I and my four family members decided to spend our holiday in south of Spain and we wanted a trip to Morocco be part of it. Morocco was a complete mystery to most of us; ... more

I and my four family members decided to spend our holiday in south of Spain and we wanted a trip to Morocco be part of it. Morocco was a complete mystery to most of us; we didn’t know what to expect. I have to say that taking the trip with latif was an excellent decision. Actually, the Moroccan part ended up being the best part of our trip to the region. This trip/company is highly recommended.



Jan, 12, 2019

Thank you guys for this AMAZING TRIP!!

Thank you guys for this AMAZING TRIP!!


Mila Fischer

Jan, 06, 2019

Unser Reisebüro hat diese Reise für uns gebucht, um unsere Vorlieben zu erfüllen, da wir Marokko besuchen wollten, während wir in Andalusien sind. Wir haben unsere ... more

Unser Reisebüro hat diese Reise für uns gebucht, um unsere Vorlieben zu erfüllen, da wir Marokko besuchen wollten, während wir in Andalusien sind. Wir haben unsere Zeit in Marokko sehr genossen. Der Service war professionell und die Guides und Fahrer waren kompetent und sprachen fließend Deutsch. Ich kann diese Reisegesellschaft Ihnen allen nur empfehlen.

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