How to Get To Tangier?

Obviously, that will largely depend on where you’ll depart from, but since most tourists visit Tangier from either south of Spain, Gibraltar, or from other Moroccan cities like Fez, Chefchaouen, Rabat, and Casablanca, we will be limited here to these cases only

Reach Tangier By Ferry

Tangier is a port city located at the western entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar. It’s got two ports; one is called Tanger Ville Port and placed near the city center, the other is Called Tanger MED Port and located 48Km/30Miles from the city center.

On the other shore of the strait, there are four ports from which you can take your ferry: Tarifa, Algeciras, Gibraltar, and Motril.

Many ferry companies are operating year-round fast ferry sailings across the strait of Gibraltar, although only one covers all the lines.

Tarifa → Tanger Ville Port (1h Crossing)
Algeciras → Tanger MED Port (1h30min Crossing)
Gibraltar → Tanger MED Port (1h30min Crossing)
Motril → Tanger MED Port (8h Crossing)

During some periods of the year, Spain becomes 1-2 hours ahead of Morocco, and that’s not always reflected on the ferry companies’ websites. Quite often, the websites show the wrong arrival times, so please check the time difference here and do the math.